Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ACE 2008


This program introduced by the WKP Kennedy Gallery is meant to expose and involve the students to the administrative activities and practices of art and cultural facilities such as the WKP Kennedy Gallery. The ACE Program has been designed to instruct and ensure the final production of creative projects and artists portfolios.

This program is really an innovative program, and my experience with it so far has been fantastic. It challenges young artists, emerging in the community to experiment with different mediums and styles in art. Along with this exploration in art, the program provides students with the chance to understand the business side to art.

Coming from the perspective of an emerging artist, I can see the value in this program in the community. There are many obstacles in life, that can confront you as an artist and as an emerging artist in a smaller art community it can be discouraging. Often you are either identified as an artist or a student often the descriptive title of an artist is second to your primary label by society. For example in university I was a student first, and then I was an artist. Although I saw myself as an artist who was on a sort of journey to define myself, the community was ready to identify me as a student instead of an artist (rather than being both at one time). The ACE program provides students the opportunity to go on the journey to find their “style” and artistic voice in the community without subjecting the participants to the label of either student OR artist. The ACE program also prepares students for the business side to the art world. Being a successful artist also requires you to be a successful business person.

The ACE program teaches students the different business practices and the idea that there is more to being successful as an artist than just hanging a framed piece on a wall. The ACE program has taught students the importance of networking, event planning, advertising and ensuring a work is complete. Along with teaching traditional visual media practices students have also been introduced to multimedia art practices such as video compilation, as well as “craft” practices such as jewelry design.

I applaud programs like this one in the community that constantly challenge youth and provide students with the tools for a successful future as an artist. I also thank artistic centers such as the WKP Kennedy Gallery which encourage these successful programs, allowing for North Bay’s artist community to flourish.

I encourage everyone to show support for this fantastic program by attending events such as the ACE launch party coming up August 22nd 2008 from 4 – 10 pm !!

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