Monday, June 22, 2009

Supply Cooperative at the WKP Kennedy Gallery

What is it?

The WKP Kennedy Gallery realizes that there is a need in North Bay for high quality supplies, at a low price. The WKP Kennedy Gallery wishes to address this need by providing members of the WKP Kennedy Gallery with access to supplies from Above Ground and Curry's, at an education discount price. This service is available to members of the gallery only; the fees associated to this service are minimal, especially considering the discounts provided through the education discount. In order to cover shipping and handling expenses, the gallery will charge an administrative fee of 10% to the TOTAL order for each individual.

Example of what you save :

Multi-media watercolor paper List Price is $3.11 vs education discount price of 1.79!

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil paint 37ml List Price is $5.40 vs education discount price of $3.29!

Payment is expected when the order is made. Order week will be the second FULL week of every month; the latest time for orders to be placed will be by 4pm on Friday of the Order week.

When can I place an order?

Order schedule

May 11th - May 15th

June 8th - June 12th

July 13th - July 17th

August 10th - August 14th

September 14th - September 18th

*please note you can email your order request prior to this date to BUT you are still required to pay for your order during order week.

How can I pay?

We accept Check, cash, credit card as well as debit. You?re required to pay for your supplies prior to picking them up, you?ll also get a receipt to keep track of your order, hang on to this receipt.

How do I become a gallery member?

Joining is easy, you?re able to get a form at the gallery or online at, membership rates are:

* Individual Membership, $25.00 (1 year) or $40.00 (2 years)
(Includes all membership privileges and one membership card)
* Couples Membership, $40.00 (1 year) or $70.00 (2 years)
(Includes all membership privileges and two membership cards)
* Senior/Student Membership, $20.00 (1 year) or $35.00 (2 years)
(Includes all membership privileges and one membership card)

Also a part of the Supply Cooperative:

The WKP Kennedy Gallery Supply Bank

What is it?

Do you have an extra tube of cobalt blue oil paint but really need a watercolor tube of titanium white? The WKP Kennedy Gallery recognizes that many artists have supplies they are not using, but have supplies that they really need and aren't able to get. To resolve this issue, the gallery has set up a supply bank .Going through the variety of catalogues on hand from our suppliers (Above Ground and Curry's), the value of supplies are translated into points. These points, when you trade in supplies are given to you; in exchange you can use these points to take from the supplies we have available in the supply bank.

Points equal a point for every dollar a supply is valued at.

For example :

Radisson Student Acrylics normally 250ml(8oz) = $3.55 each

.5 points x $3.55 = 1.77 we then round up ? you get 2 points for each jar.

Radisson Student Gesso normally 1L = 8.99

.5 points x 8.99 = 4.49 rounding this - you get 4 points for every IL

Artists bring supplies in during the ?Drop off? week, and are then able to pick up supplies on the "Supply Bank" week. The ?Supply Bank? will be downstairs in the artist visual studio, from 1pm - 3pm during this week.

How does it work when I pick up supplies from the supply bank?

All supplies will be put out during ?supply bank? hours, the same supply value translated into points for dropping off supplies, will be applied to when you get the supplies from the "supply bank". So basically that same Radisson Student Acrylic 8oz jar, which is normally $3.55, will still equal two points.

When can I drop supplies off?

Supplies can be dropped off at the WKP Kennedy gallery during the following weeks

Drop off schedule : From 1 - 3pm

May 4th - May 15th

June 2nd - June 12th

July 2nd - July 10th

August 4th - August 14th

September 2nd - September 11th

Do I have to use my points right away?

No, but you can only use your supply points on ?supply bank? days, during ?supply bank? hours

When can I pick up supplies?

Supplies can be picked up during the following weeks

Supply Bank schedule : From 1-3pm

May 19th - May 22nd

June 23rd - June 26th

July 21st- July 24th

August 25th - August 28th

September 22nd - September 25th

What if I dont want to trade for any supplies?

You can also bring in supplies along with a receipt showing what you paid and we'll provide you with a charitable donation tax receipt for the value of the supplies you brought in.

A couple of things to remember:

*We have the catalogs on hand, if you have any questions as to how the points work, whether you're getting the right amount of points OR if you want to order supplies.

* You can't order new supplies with the points earned from the "supply bank". You don't have to be a member of the gallery to use the supply bank BUT you do have to be a member to order supplies

* Supply drop off hours and "Supply Bank" hours are listed above, and will not operate during any other hours, or on any other day, then that which is listed above.

* Your Supply Bank card, containing how many points you have, will be kept on file at the gallery, and will be signed by yourself and a gallery representative after each use.

* When using the supply bank, you're accessing the supplies made available through donation, and other people involved in the supply bank, supplies will be limited to what is provided, if we have a small amount of a certain item, there will be limits placed on how many you can take of that item (that way everyone has a chance for the item).

Ace Series 2

ACE is a summer-time, youth-initiated program for high school students interested in arts & culture

Membership: $50
What do YOU get out of it?

 Portfolio building (especially important for those thinking of studying art at the post-secondary level)
 Access to studio space in the Capitol Centre
 Free membership in the WKP Kennedy Supply Cooperative, which allows you to order supplies through the gallery at an education discount price
 Free membership in the WKP Kennedy Supply Bank – trade your unused art supplies for materials you need
 Volunteer hours

Monday, February 23, 2009

We have a new name

Due to the new make-over, Little Shop just isn't a very fitting title for the gallery's gift shop. So the new name, as simple as it sounds is "The Kennedy Gallery Gift Shop" or Gallery Gift Shop . We hope you'll show as much support to the newly named and fine looking shop, as you had in the past!

See you in the gift shop soon!


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Little shop has had a make -over

Hey everyone, so there have been some great changes to the little shop. We are now accepting new works, and encourage everyone to submit something, our jury will get back to you ASAP as to whether the work can be displayed or not.

The changes to the Little shop include a great new counter, and a cash register, which we will begin using in the new year, if you're using debit or credit card though, we still will be directing you to the box office folks ( they have a new look, and it's a great deal speedier now).

Lastly there are great volunteer opportunities now at the little shop, and we ask if you're interested to stop by The WKP Kennedy Gallery and fill out a form ! We would love to have all those interested participate in the new store layout, and in this great new atmosphere.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ACE 2008


This program introduced by the WKP Kennedy Gallery is meant to expose and involve the students to the administrative activities and practices of art and cultural facilities such as the WKP Kennedy Gallery. The ACE Program has been designed to instruct and ensure the final production of creative projects and artists portfolios.

This program is really an innovative program, and my experience with it so far has been fantastic. It challenges young artists, emerging in the community to experiment with different mediums and styles in art. Along with this exploration in art, the program provides students with the chance to understand the business side to art.

Coming from the perspective of an emerging artist, I can see the value in this program in the community. There are many obstacles in life, that can confront you as an artist and as an emerging artist in a smaller art community it can be discouraging. Often you are either identified as an artist or a student often the descriptive title of an artist is second to your primary label by society. For example in university I was a student first, and then I was an artist. Although I saw myself as an artist who was on a sort of journey to define myself, the community was ready to identify me as a student instead of an artist (rather than being both at one time). The ACE program provides students the opportunity to go on the journey to find their “style” and artistic voice in the community without subjecting the participants to the label of either student OR artist. The ACE program also prepares students for the business side to the art world. Being a successful artist also requires you to be a successful business person.

The ACE program teaches students the different business practices and the idea that there is more to being successful as an artist than just hanging a framed piece on a wall. The ACE program has taught students the importance of networking, event planning, advertising and ensuring a work is complete. Along with teaching traditional visual media practices students have also been introduced to multimedia art practices such as video compilation, as well as “craft” practices such as jewelry design.

I applaud programs like this one in the community that constantly challenge youth and provide students with the tools for a successful future as an artist. I also thank artistic centers such as the WKP Kennedy Gallery which encourage these successful programs, allowing for North Bay’s artist community to flourish.

I encourage everyone to show support for this fantastic program by attending events such as the ACE launch party coming up August 22nd 2008 from 4 – 10 pm !!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ACE 2008 launch party finalized details!!!

Hey everyone! for all those interested in art, or just a good time on a Friday night without any money involved, come check out the ACE 2008 launch party exhibition which opens August 22nd at 4PM and goes till 10PM. This event will be at the WKP Kennedy gallery which is located in the Capitol center on Main street (email me if you need more details) The event will feature Monty Python movies, free pizza, chips, pop and punch and some great music to go with some fantastic art. Don't miss the chance to see some original artwork, by young artists of North Bay.

Hope to see everyone there
(3-D glasses will be on sale, with some funky original designs, for 2.00 at the door

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

job opportunity at the Kennedy

WKP Kennedy Gallery

Gallery Coordinator

The successful candidate will be an outgoing person with strong communication skills and a keen interest in the arts and visual arts in particular. The Gallery Coordinator works closely with the Director/ Curator, with Part-time Gallery Staff and with our Board and volunteers. Duties include: day-to-day gallery operations, mailings, memberships, educational projects, volunteer co-ordination, fundraising events planning and development, administration of gallery project staff, and production of exhibition promotion materials. The Gallery Coordinator is also an arts advocate who will liaise with other galleries and cultural groups, set up meetings of the Board and sub-committees, as well as project-based meetings. The Gallery Coordinator will assist with installing art exhibitions and setting up and removing all opening reception and exhibition materials.

The Gallery Coordinator, while reporting to and working with the Director / Curator, will also be self-directed and able to work unsupervised. The successful candidate will possess excellent communication skills, enjoy working with the public, have excellent computer skills especially in Word, web-based software, Excel and Access, and be able to represent and support the gallery and the arts centre in all visual art matters. A formal background in visual art administration would be beneficial.

The Coordinator will work with the Director in all facets of gallery management and will become proficient in overseeing the day to day operations and maintenance of the gallery. The Coordinator will be able to work professionally with artists, curators, printers, shippers, insurance agents, caterers and gallery volunteers who assist with gallery operations.

The Gallery Coordinator will be expected to shift cheerfully from office duties to public relations, to installing exhibitions, conducting tours and assisting at receptions, talks and other special events – all in the course of a week, occasionally in the course of a day.


· Arts administration experience or graduate

· Excellent communication and social skills

· Computer, Office and Organizational skills

· An understanding of various media art practices is an asset

· Experience working with artists is an asset

· Gallery or non-profit organization experience

· Physically fit as there is some lifting involved during exhibition installations

· Basic graphic design is also an asset


Have you planned, designed and produced educational projects for galleries before? If so, talk about your successes with these projects.

Especially in media art, we can never know the whole technical picture. How would you go about gathering information about new media art practices or techniques?

Have you ever applied for grants or helped to apply for a grant? Which ones and what were your responsibilities?


Please submit to us a cover letter and current resume by August 20th, 2008. Remember to identify the position you are applying for in your letter. Mailing address: W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery, 150 Main St. East, North Bay, ON P1B 1A8

For further information about us and the position: Call at 705-474-1944 ext. 231, 227 or email


We will be reviewing applications until August 20th, 2008. A shortlist will be made up at that time and we will be interviewing candidates between August 21st and 22nd, 2008. The Hiring Committee will make

its final decision by Friday, August 22nd (barring unforeseen delays) and the position will commence Tuesday, August 26th.


This position is funded through the Gallery’s operating budget. The salary for this contracted full-time position is 11.50 per hour for a 28 hour work week.