Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what's going on at the little shop

Featured artists - Daniel Elzinga with De constructing abstract series; a unique series of representational imagery using digital image transfers layered with an automatic process of acrylic painting: Lora Hatch with Lora's Creations; one of a kind jewelery using wire wrap, beads and gemstones are fashioned into wearable works of art. Other new works by Diane Bain "sunbeam pottery", Carole Davidson "Mixed Media works", Tracy East "Abbey Hill Design ; Leather Bound Sketchbooks", Francine Noiseux's "Nin'ji Dolls and Medicine Turtles", Alice Orley's "Postcard Series", Mandy Saile's "Bijou's Whimsy", Ken Stange's "These Proses a Problem or Two", paintings of Marie Cecile Whiting, New CD release by Polyester Thought's 'Nietche Metamorphica: contemporary music based on the life and writings of Friedrich Nietzche - Produced by Kevin Smith, Wayne Borody and Daniel Elzinga.